The Visitor


A short film about a man who can walk through walls, but despite his extraordinary gift he doubts himself. Technique: Pixilation, 2D/3D animation. Production: 2013 Based on a story by Yuri Vladimirov (approx. 1921)

  • Minoan 47"
  • Minoan 56"
  • Minoan 85"
  • Ionian 77"
  • Minoan 151"
  • Minoan 108"
  • Grimaldi 114"
  • Minoan 51"

Ferry Tails


Photography is often seen as means of freezing a moment in time. In my photography work I explore ways to compress longer periods of time within a single image. In the Ferry Tails series I use time, through long exposures, to create a different reality, which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Moving […]